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What is your box?

While working with a client these last few weeks, an image kept appearing in my mind: it was a of a bright green plant trapped in a black box. The plant’s leaves were pushing up against the box and couldn’t grow any bigger. Instead, it began to wilt and rot away. What I didn’t knowContinue reading “What is your box?”

What's in a Life Purpose?

As a Co-Active Coach, I work most often with my clients in the Principle of Fulfillment, so that they can get ever closer to a clear view of who they are and what they want. Here, we spend a lot of our time really digging into our values, or what themes are important to usContinue reading “What's in a Life Purpose?”

The Gratitude Gremlin

A theme that keeps coming up with a lot of my clients these days is the concept of gratitude. As a practice, it’s a powerful way for them to relish in the moment, to dive deep into the present and ground themselves in the beauty that is their life. Our use of Process Coaching, whereContinue reading “The Gratitude Gremlin”

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