The Creative Dive

Do you have a yearning to get your dream project or next business idea off the ground but just find yourself stuck? Do you know what you want but you’re too terrified to give all you have?

The Creative Dive is a deep dive into reflection so that you can realized your dreams through meaningful and strategic action. This is a great fit for anyone looking to materialize their passion project, side hustle, or next entrepreneurial venture! In this one-time two-hour session, we’ll discuss what you’re ultimately looking to achieve, how this fits in with your overall life vision, and get to the root of what’s holding you back. From there, we’ll work together as a team to create a strategic action plan with specific deadlines so you can turn your heart’s passion or your creative brain’s amazing idea into reality.

Is this for me?
You’re pretty clear about what you’d like to accomplish and you can envision the end goal, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to get started or move from the idea into action. You need a partner in brainstorm crime to throw ideas at the wall but no one you talk to (whether that’s your partner, your mom, or your dog) is giving you exactly what you need.

What does the package include?
The Creative Dive is a one on one 2-hour intensive that can be done via phone, video or in person and includes a Discovery Questionnaire sent 2 weeks ahead of time to build from during the session to get to know you so we can hit the ground running. This package also includes email correspondence and monthly accountability to ensure that you’re following through with your commitments to yourself and your project.

How do I get started?
Reach out below to schedule your free, no-obligations Coaching Conversation so to see if I’m the right coach for you!

What Clients Have to Say:

Working with Justine has been an absolute joy and honor, and I would not be where I am today with my freelance business without her. Justine got me from dreaming about an idea I’d had for years to making it happen in just a matter of weeks, and to realizing that I actually have what it takes to make it a success. I was always apprehensive of life coaching because I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed or how it could help me, but my session with Justine was amazing and helped me grow by leaps and bounds. She has a way of asking just the right questions, of honing in on important subtleties, and pulling out the right tools and exercises for the right situations. She provides gentle accountability and just the right amount of encouragement, with authenticity and compassion. She has my highest recommendation and gratitude.


Are you ready to dive in?

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