The Mindful Month

Do you feel off? Or stuck? Or are you walking around feeling incomplete? Like you woke up one day and realized that this is your life, unsure of how it all happened?

Ease into intentional living with the Mindful Month coaching experience. Over the course of a month, transform your sense of self by answering a daily inquiry tailored specifically to your life, your wants, and your dreams. Awaken yourself to your own life with the help of a daily journaling practice, structured accountability, and expert coaching to get you out of “meh” and into “hell yes!”

Is this for me?
The Mindful Month program is a great first dip into coaching for those who know they’re not living up to their potential but can’t seem to make the time to reflect on one of life’s hardest questions: What do I want?

What does the package include?
This package includes a Discovery Questionnaire along with a 30-minute coaching conversation followed by a daily message or question sent straight to your inbox each morning specifically shaped to match your needs. Each day, you will be asked to spend 5, 10 or 15 minutes responding to this daily email, diving into reflection and intentionality. At the end of our month, we’ll meet for another 30-minute session to recap all that has been learned along the way, deepen our understanding of who you are and what you want, and the opportunity to create a strategic plan for prolonged change.

How do I get started?
Reach out below to schedule a free, no obligations Coaching Conversation to if I’m the right coach for you!

Find out what happens when you dip your toes in.

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